Splash Guards for Trucks

Truck splash guards are an essential part of protection for any commercial vehicle. Semi trucks in particular face intense driving conditions that include long hauls across the country. What are the benefits of equipping your fleet with custom Uni-Vue splash guards for trucks?

splash guards for trucks

The Importance of Splash Guards for Trucks

  • Corrosion protection: Semi trucks are constantly exposed to harsh road chemicals, salt and corrosive residue. These elements damage the exposed metal of your trucks and increase maintenance costs. With splash guards, road chemicals stay between the wheelbase and the ground.
  • Customer service: An eighteen-wheeler without splash guards can throw debris at trailing vehicles, any of which may represent a potential customer. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid any negative publicity by installing custom splash guards that provide ample wheel coverage.
  • Exceptional cleanliness: You probably go to great lengths to keep company trucks clean. Spotless trucks reflect well on your business and make advertising more effective. Splash guards play a huge role in maintaining your fleet’s excellent appearance.
  • Powerful branding: Because of the amount of time trucks spend on the road, they represent an amazing marketing opportunity. Custom splash guards with your company logo, phone number, website and other relevant information succeed in connecting you with new and loyal customers.
  • State regulations: Many states have strict guidelines for roadway safety, including the size and condition of installed splash guards for trucks.

Choose The Best Semi Truck Splash Guards

At Uni-Vue, we take quality seriously, providing splash guards that stand the test of time no matter what road conditions your trucks have to face:

  • Durability: Pairing the right thickness with a heavy-duty material such as rubber results in mud flaps that offer amazing performance day in and day out.
  • Heat-stamped logos: Far superior to silk-screens, heat-stamped designs endure the elements without fading or wearing off, ensuring your brand message is always clear and attractive.  
  • Guaranteed excellence: Our 100-percent satisfaction guarantee means durable splash guards with unparalleled performance, perfectly sized to your specifications.

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