Truck Mud Flaps for the Road

Many large trucks are equipped with mud flaps, which offer protection from the road and a wealth of other benefits. If you are considering installing Uni-Vue semi truck mud flaps on your vehicles, take a closer look at their advantages and benefits.

truck mud flaps

Prevent Wear and Tear

Truck mud flaps offer a wide variety of benefits for large trucks and their owners. As time progresses, water, rocks, mud, and other debris can cause wear and tear on the tires of a vehicle, and eventually, cause serious and expensive damage. Mud flaps prevent this type of undercarriage damage from occurring and ensures tires last as long as possible.

Other chemicals, such as salts, are placed on the roadways throughout the year, and they can cause extensive damage to the actual mechanical parts of a truck. These chemicals are largely corrosive and are often used before and after inclement weather.

Low-Cost, Effective Advertising

If you are the owner of a trucking, shipping, or retail company, advertising your business probably consumes a large part of your budget. Luckily, there are effective, low-cost ways to advertise your products or services, and installing custom semi truck mud flaps is one of those ways. You can customize your fleet’s mud flaps with your company’s logo (or the image or words of your choosing), and reach a diverse array of drivers.


Mud flaps are typically manufactured from one of two materials; sheet metal or rubber. metal flaps, usually composed of stainless steel or aluminum, are often considered more visually appealing, and they often have a decorative flair. On the other hand, heavy rubber flaps generally offer more resistance to the weather, and their flexibility allows them to better propel rocks and asphalt.

Lower Your Maintenance Costs

As mentioned above, mud flaps can offer a wealth of benefits and help you lower your repair and maintenance costs over time. Contact Uni-Vue to learn more about our mud flaps today.


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