Truck Accessories Mud Flaps

Steps to Install Mud Flaps on Your Truck

You probably already know why rubber mud flaps for trucks are beneficial. They provide protection for your tires, undercarriage, and paint job from water, mud, small rocks and other debris. Now that you know why to install truck accessories mud flaps, Uni-Vue would like to explain how you go about the process.

How to Install Commercial Truck Mud Flaps

truck accessories mud flaps

Installing your mud flaps is a relatively easy process that can be accomplished via the following steps:

  • Step One: Check for Right and Left Indicators. Some flaps may able to be installed on either side, while others must be installed specifically on the left-hand side or right-hand side. This will be indicated on the flap itself with a mark that says “LH” or “RH.”
  • Step Two: Clean the Tire and the Wheel Well. Make sure both are free from any debris.
  • Step Three: Create Space Between the Tire and the Wheel Well. For the most clearance between the wheel well and the tire, turn the front wheels fully to the left.
  • Step Four: Test the Flaps. Hold up the flaps and compare them to the fit of the space available, as well as the shape, to check for placement and ensure the flaps will work for your vehicle.
  • Step Five: Mark Where to Drill the Holes. Use the flap as a template to clearly mark where the drill holes are needed if your vehicle does not have the necessary factory-drilled holes in the wheel well already.
  • Step Six: Drill the Holes. If your vehicle already has factory-drilled holes, you can skip steps five and six.
  • Step Seven: Install the Mud Flaps with Screws, Nuts, and Bolts. However, don’t tighten them until after you adjust the angle and placement of the mud flaps and until you’re completely satisfied with them.

Customize Your Mud Flaps

When it comes to truck accessories mud flaps are among the most valuable, not only for their protective uses but as advertisements for your business. Find out more by calling Uni-Vue Mud Flaps at 248-250-9099 today.

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