Your Trucking Company Needs Custom Semi Truck Mud Flaps

Sleek black mud flaps with custom messaging look awesome, but that’s not the only reason they’re essential for transportation companies. The biggest reason is that mud guards with your brand message boost your advertising presence and increase the amount of industry professionals who know and trust you. Other key benefits of semi truck mud flaps include:

  • A clean and professional fleetwide appearance
  • Body protection from salt and corrosive road chemicals

semi truck mud flaps

Our Semi Truck Mud Flaps Are Better

To preserve a cohesive and professional look throughout your fleet, don’t opt for throwaway mud flaps. They quickly fall apart and reflect poorly on your reputation. Instead, trust our Uni-Vue experts with your brand message.  We know how important the best appearance is to your success. We offer:

  • The best materials: We use exclusively the highest-quality rubber and polyethylene, always providing durability and corrosive chemical resistance. These materials are strong enough to handle physical stresses and things like gasoline and seasonal weather without flinching.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We’re not afraid to stand behind our semi truck mud flaps – in a manner of speaking. If they’re not exactly what you expect or don’t stand up to the normal wear and tear of your routes, we’ll replace them for free, including shipping.
  • Durable messaging: Your logo or message are hot stamped – far superior to a simple silk screen – onto the rubber, permanently affixing them. Hot stamping protects your design and keeps it shining even after tons of power washing and highway miles.
  • Mud flaps made by the pros, for the pros: Our focus is completely geared towards semi truck mud flaps. We understand the conditions your trucks go through on the highway – across extremely variable climates and terrain – and build your gear accordingly.

Rock Your Logo in No Time

At Uni-Vue we know that time is money. Whether you’re giving your fleet a design overhaul or launching new trucks onto the road, we meet your time frame. We can have your complete order of custom mud flaps at your company’s loading docks – from design approval to manufacturing and shipping – in just three weeks. Contact us immediately at (248) 250-9099 or fill out our online form to start your order or get more information.



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