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At Uni-Vue Mud Flaps we make the best rubber mud flaps for semi-trucks and trailers in the industry. Our custom products come with affordable prices, valuable warranties, and a large choice of designs and sizes. It’s a law that your big rigs must be equipped with mud flaps, so why not pick a design that draws attention and advertises your company’s brand. We create rubber truck mud flaps that look great and increase road safety for all travelers.

An added bonus is that all of our products are made in America and support workers in the United States. We’ve proudly served truckers in the US and Canada for over 25 years.

Get the Perfect Flaps for Your Fleet

rubber mud flaps

While our rubber mud guards come only in all black we have several levels of customization. We make sure you get just the product you want. When you order with us you get to choose from the following options:

  • Choose from over 20 colors for your logo design and lettering
  • Pick the right size for your vehicle
  • Select either a 1/4” or 3/8’ thickness
  • Choose the amount, starting at a minimum of 50
  • Pick from one of our endless logo designs

We offer an easy to use online form to create your rubber mud flaps. In no time your truckers will be heading down the road with new rubber mud guards that advertise your company to thousands of other drivers.

Experience the Benefits of Quality Road Guards

Our rubber truck mud flaps come with a long list of valuable features. They are resistant to a number of abrasive agents, including gasoline, rainwater and rust. Because they are extremely flexible, they bend easily in a variety of weather and traffic conditions. We use a quality printing process that ensures your logo stays bright and visible for a long time. Finally, we are committed to the environment and take pride in our eco-friendly products.

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