What Rubber Mud Flaps for Pickup Trucks Can Do for Your Business Vehicle

Vehicles play a large part in day-to-day operations for companies of every size. Many small businesses rely on pickup trucks and vans for equipment transportation and product deliveries. Why is it important to outfit your company’s vehicles with Uni-Vue custom rubber mud flaps for pickup trucks?

rubber mud flaps for pickup trucks

The Advantages of Advertising With Rubber Mud Flaps for Pickup Trucks


With custom mud flaps, you can equip your entire fleet with the same logo or style. This ties all of your trucks together, giving your company an air of expertise and making you one of the first names people search for.


Flying your company logo proudly with your personal pickup truck leads to greater respect and makes an amazing first impression when meeting with potential clients or suppliers.

Brand Recognition

As more and more people see your fleet vehicles driving down the highway or around the city, their opinion of your company’s position automatically grows. Potential customers soon start to identify your logo and company colors immediately.

Increased Customer Exposure

When trying to market a new website and maximize the amount of visits, including your website contact data on the custom mud flaps used by your fleet has excellent results.

How To Select the Best Custom Mud Flaps

At Uni-Vue, we use high-quality materials such as rubber or polyethylene plastic to create all custom mud flaps. Which choice is right for your business?

  • Polyethylene: In mostly city environments and warm climates, polyethylene can be an optimal for spreading your message while sticking to your advertising budget.
  • Rubber: If you regularly have to deal with road chemicals, winter weather or gravel roads, it makes sense to invest in heavy-duty rubber mud flaps for pickup trucks.

For assistance with other important branding decisions related to your custom mud flaps, contact our helpful professionals right away. Creating attention-grabbing custom mud flaps for your entire fleet is one of the best decisions you can make.


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