This Is Why Our Custom Mud Flaps Are the #1 Choice for Fleet Owners and Drivers

Our Custom Mud Flaps Are the #1 for Fleet Owners and Drivers

Maybe it’s the freedom of the road or maybe it’s making extra money to prepare for your kids’ college tuition, but trucking is a great business. At Uni-Vue, we’ve had many happy customers in our 20+ years in business. Here’s why our custom mud flaps are so popular with drivers and fleet managers alike:

They Look Awesome

A huge white semi looks awesome no matter how you slice it. A pair of jet black ultrawide mud flaps in the back makes the truck look even more striking. Before meeting with a client, many drivers take the time to leave their truck spotless. That way they make a great first impression. Our custom mud flaps include your business’s name in huge letters, so they make a great first impression.

You can pick from countless colors for your company name. Some transportation companies choose blue to represent their business’s dependability and modern solutions. In the case of construction/hauling companies, yellow lettering for mud flaps looks great on dump trucks and heavy machinery. Our design team can reproduce your company logo perfectly.

They Fit Like a Glove

One of the best things about custom mud flaps is that you can order any size you want. There are a bunch of stock sizes that fit most semis. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our team will cut your mud flaps to order.

One of the most popular sizes for semi-trucks are 24″ x 24″ flaps. No matter what size you need, the finished guards fit perfectly.

You also get to choose a custom thickness. For trucks that go the distance all year round, going with the thickest flaps delivers maximum durability and flexibility. With 3/8″ mud flaps on your trucks, your drivers are ready for any kind of road condition.  

They Last Forever

Our team usually recommends going with rubber mudflaps if your fleet has to run long routes. For city deliveries and driving, our high-quality plastic is a great option, but drivers who run into road debris will notice the difference with rubber. Rubber stands up to literally anything — rocks and gravel, road salt, road chemicals, and gasoline.

Another big plus in cold weather (if your business does a lot of driving up north) is that the flaps don’t trap snow or ice. Less prep time in the morning equals more time on the road and happier customers for your business.

Get a 100% Quality Guarantee

Most companies will never have to use it, but we offer a guarantee for the best quality anyway. Our custom mud flaps have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for years. If you run into any problems, you get replacements just like that.

Company Flaps for Your Whole Fleet

One thing that sets our mudguards apart from other companies is that we allow you to meet the minimum order requirement with custom mud flaps of various sizes. So let’s say 10 of your trucks have a different size, it’s not a problem. This is great because you can outfit your entire fleet with mud flaps that fit perfectly.

Having free advertising on every truck is pretty amazing. Your company trucks can feature the same logo and the same colors, even with mud flaps of different sizes. This includes box trucks with plastic mudguards. Every flap can include your company name, logo and other details, such as a phone number or website.

Our Design Team Is Amazing

At Uni-Vue, Inc., we keep the information for our customers on file, so we know exactly what you need for reorders — even after years. When you place your first order, our design team can help you create a new logo if you need it. We help guide you through every choice until your entire shipment looks just right and ready to go.

You’ll never regret choosing our custom mud flaps. To learn more, call us at (248) 250-9099 or visit our website to get started.

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