Pickup Truck Mud Flaps?

As you drive down the highway, maybe you’ve seen big rigs with mud flaps on their back wheels and thought, “I wonder if something like that would work on my pickup.” If so, the good news is that vehicles of any size and shape can benefit from the installation of custom mud flaps from Uni-Vue, meaning that whether you drive your pickup for business or for recreation, splash guards for trucks can provide the same protection to your pickup as they do the 18-wheelers. Furthermore, it is a fairly simple matter to create custom pickup truck mud flaps for purposes of advertisement or personal expression.

What Types of Mud Flaps Are Available for Pickups?

Custom mud flaps for pickups

Pickup Truck Mud flaps usually come in one of two different materials: plastic or rubber. You can create truck mud flaps with company logo out of either type of material. You can choose different colors for the design or logo on the splash guard, but the color choices for the flap itself is usually limited to either black or white, although more color options may be available for plastic flaps.

Plastic splash guards may be more common on pickups than rubber, but either material will work fine. Rubber mud flaps may be slightly more expensive than plastic ones, but the overall cost will also depend partly on other factors like size, thickness, and customization options. Each material is strong and durable to withstand the constant onslaught of road debris. Rubber splash guards have the added benefit of being flexible, which prevents them from becoming stuck onto your tires.

How Do Mud Flaps Protect Your Pickup?

Pickup Truck Mud flaps create a barrier between the body of your vehicle and your tires, along with the debris that the tires can pick up and throw off as your drive. Needless to say, a mud flap is not an impenetrable shield that will keep your pickup impeccably clean and unspoiled, but it does create a barrier that is effective at deflecting dirt, water, and other debris away from the areas of your vehicle where it can do the most harm.

There are two main areas of your pickup where mud flaps afford the most protection. One is the undercarriage, and the other is the exterior truck body. Splash guards can prevent water, salt, and other corrosive elements from reaching the vulnerable undercarriage of your pickup, where they can cause damaging rust. The exterior body of your truck is just as vulnerable to rust and corrosion, and splash guards also help to prevent the same harmful elements from reaching this area. In addition, mud flaps also help to prevent impacts to your truck body by small rocks or other debris that can scratch your paint or put small dents in your fenders.

What Else Do Mud Flaps Do For You and Your Pickup?

Wherever you drive your pickup, you can benefit from the protection that mud flaps provide. However, if you frequently drive your truck on surfaces other than pavement, your tires are likely to kick up more debris, and you can benefit from your splash guards all the more. If you frequently take your pickup over gravel roads, construction sites, or off-road trails, mud flaps are a necessity.

However, mud flaps can do more than merely protect your vehicle. A custom mud flap can be a decorative element that expresses your personality and/or sense of humor to other drivers with a custom design, and if you drive your car for business, truck mud flaps with company logo are an inexpensive and enduring form of advertising. With custom pickup truck mud flaps, there is no reason that your truck can’t have the protection and style its big brothers enjoy. Contact Uni-Vue today for ordering or more information.

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