Truck Accessories Mud Flaps

Steps to Install Mud Flaps on Your Truck You probably already know why rubber mud flaps for trucks are beneficial. They provide protection for your tires, undercarriage, and paint job from water, mud, small rocks and other debris. Now that you know why to install truck accessories mud flaps, Uni-Vue would like to explain how […]

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Are Mud Flaps Required by Law?

mud flaps and the law

Before you order custom mud flaps for your semi-truck fleet, you should know about the laws that apply to mud guards. Surprisingly, considering how many commercial vehicles are involved in interstate travel, there are no federal regulations in regard to semi truck mud flaps and splash guards. Instead, the laws vary from state to state. […]

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The Benefits of Mud Flaps for Trucks and Trailers

custom mud guards

Mud flaps or guards are fairly common on large vehicles for many reasons. While custom mud flaps can personalize a vehicle according to the owner’s preferences, there are actually several other benefits to installing them. It can be helpful to understand how important these guards are and why they’re so much more than just decorations. […]

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