Hot Stamping vs. Silk Screening: You Can See the Difference

While shopping for custom mud flaps, you may have encountered a few phrases thrown around to describe design printing. What is hot stamping? How does it differ from the traditional silk screening? The truth is, once the print is complete, the difference is visibly obvious.

hot stamping

Understand the Process

Silk screening has been used to put designs on items for a long time. The process isn’t particularly complicated: it’s stenciling. An image is “burned” into the screen (traditionally made of silk, but usually made of cotton, steel wire or nylon nowadays). To do this, the desired image is printed on a film positive, then pressed into an emulsion-coated screen and exposed to strong light for a period of time. After, the screen is rinsed, leaving the design in negative space. The screen can then be used to print the design on various surfaces by pulling ink across the screen.

Hot stamping, also called foil stamping or heat transfer, is very different. The design is engraved into a metal plate, which is then heated. The heated plate then presses colored foil onto the surface of an item.

Recognize the Difference

The major difference between silk screening and foil stamping is the finish. Designs printed by silk screening are matte and lack highlight, even when a metallic ink is used. By contrast, foil stamping yields the following results:

  • Glossier finish
  • Higher visibility
  • Metallic quality
  • No ink absorption or bleeding
  • Simpler process using multiple colors

If you want to catch attention, foil stamping is the way to go. At Uni-Vue Mud Flaps, all our hot stamping is in-house production, ensuring our quality standards and deadlines are always met.

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