Semi Truck Mud Flaps – Hot Stamping

What is Hot Stamping?

Hot stamping is a method used to imprint images, such as logos, onto semi truck mud flaps and other related surfaces. Although the process is not new, it is fast becoming one of the most popular methods for decorating mud flaps due to its ability to produce eye-catching and lasting designs. If you are considering customizing your truck’s mud flaps, here are some reasons to consider utilizing the Uni-Vue hot stamping process.

hot stamping process

The Process of Hot Stamping

Traditionally, silk screening, a printing process akin to stenciling was the standard process for placing images on splash guards for trucks. The process is fairly complicated, primarily because it involves “burning” an image into a surface. Hot stamping, on the other hand, is a fairly simple process that yields more aesthetically appealing results.

Also known as heat transfer, hot stamping uses heat to transfer an image onto a surface. The image or design is first engraved onto a metal plate. Once it is heated to a sufficiently high temperature, the heated plate is pressed against a mud flap, leaving an imprint of the design on the mud flap.

Hot Stamping vs. Silk Screening

There are numerous differences between hot stamping and silk screening finishes. Images printed using silk screening do not possess the highlight associated with hot stamping, even when a metallic ink is utilized. Conversely, hot stamping offers the following benefits:

  • Higher visibility
  • Glossier finish
  • No bleeding or absorption of ink
  • Wider variety of color choices
  • Metallic appearance

If you are interested in protecting your trucks from damage and advertising at the same time, hot foil stamping your semi truck mud flaps may be the way to go.

Customize Your Mud Flaps

Whether you are interested in hot stamping or other printing methods, our company can help you customize your mud flaps to your liking. We believe visually appealing mud flaps can serve as both protectors and advertising tools. Call Uni-Vue today at 248-250-9099 or request a quote using this contact form.


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