Custom Splash Guards / Custom Fit Splash Guards

The right splash guards are good for your business. They increase your brand reputation, protect cars traveling behind you on the road and keep company trucks looking spotless. At Uni-Vue, we take road protection to the next level by creating custom splash guards using the best materials in the industry.

How can you guarantee the best fit for your trucks and make sure everything matches your brand perfectly? Check out our step-by-step guide to custom fit splash guards by selecting “custom splash guards” to find the answers all your questions.

What Factors Are Important To Find the Best Fit?

custom splash guardsThe best splash guards for road performance and vehicle protection depend on several factors. Here’s what to look for:

  • Industry operations
  • State transportation requirements
  • Local environmental conditions
  • Brand personality
  • Personal preferences

In simple terms, the right custom fit splash guards check all those boxes. They should stand up to daily operations and environmental considerations without any problems. Industrial applications usually require heavy-duty options, while local delivery trucks may focus more on aesthetics.

What Is the Best Material To Use?

High-quality splash guards mainly appear in rubber or polyethylene plastic formats. Which is a better choice for your trucks? That depends on whether your focus is on marketing or heavy-duty resistance.

Rubber is more flexible and durable for harsh weather conditions. A fleet of transport trucks headed across the country would likely use rubber mud guards because of their versatility in standing up to snow, ice, road chemicals, debris, grime and other difficulties. Another advantage of rubber is the way it prevents ice and snow from building up around tires because of its flexibility.

On the other hand, polyethylene splash guards are light and stationary. Since they don’t move as much in the wind, they may provide better protection from dents and paint scratches in the case of pickup trucks and automobiles. Plastic mud guards are available with a white backdrop, which is very striking when it comes to advertising.

How Do You Select the Ideal Size?

Front and rear flaps are usually different, and most vehicles have special mounting brackets for both. The first step in choosing mud guards is knowing the size of truck tires. There are two measurements you need to look for when picking the right custom fit splash guard size for trucks: tire width and vehicle height.

Width is largely determined by mounting brackets and tire configuration. If a tire is 12.5ʺ wide, then you need splash guards that have a width of at least 12ʺ for solid protection. Dual rear tires require 19ʺ or 21ʺ splash guards. The second number in measurements represents product height. This depends on the available area and personal preferences. Semi-trucks often use splash guards that are 30ʺ or 36ʺ high.

What Thickness Do You Need?

The question of thickness also depends on truck working conditions. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the amount of damage trucks have to endure on a regular basis, the thicker custom splash guards need to be to provide maximum protection and durability. For example, construction company vehicles would normally opt for heavy-weight mud guards to stand up to the rocks, debris and tough road conditions present constantly. Trucks that mainly cruise local city streets can likely get by with lighter options. Thickness and weight also have an effect on vehicle fuel economy and total product cost.

For assistance at any step, contact our friendly experts at Uni-Vue. We can provide personalized recommendations for custom splash guards thickness, material and size depending on the needs of your company fleet. If you need help creating a powerful logo, our design team can make it happen while following your preferences to the letter. Get in touch with us online or by calling (248) 250-9099.

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