Custom Semi-Truck Mud Flaps


Outfit Your Semi-Truck With Custom Mud Flaps

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from flying debris and mud on the open road, Uni-Vue is your trusted source in custom semi truck mud flaps. With more than 10 million products shipped during our 25 years in business, we are North America’s leading manufacturer of custom guards for semi-trucks and dump trucks.


A Culture of Quality

Uni-Vue uses the highest quality rubber and polyethylene (plastic) so that you can rest assured your mud flap is built for longevity. Unlike the competition, we produce everything in house thus ensuring the best prices and the shortest turn-around times. From conception to shipping, once you place your order, you will have your custom mud flaps in as little as three weeks. Our team can provide mock ups for your logo or help you create artwork unique to your brand. We offer:

  • Your full satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Flexible ordering so you can mix and match design and size
  • High-quality, American manufacturing
  • Tough, durable materials that last up to five years


The Advantages of Custom Mud Flaps

Custom semi truck mud flaps turn your vehicle or fleet into moving billboards. With your logo or company name emblazoned on mud flaps, you can reach a wider audience of other passengers on the road and develop nationwide recognition.

Beyond the marketing potential for your business, mud flaps are required by law for semi trucks and dump trucks. They provide a protective barrier that keeps your vehicle safe from the corrosive wear and tear of the road and protects other cars and pedestrians from any debris your vehicle may kick up.


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