Custom Semi-Truck Mud Flaps

custom mud flaps for semi trucksWhen it comes to protecting your vehicle from flying debris and mud on the open road, Uni-Vue is your trusted source in custom semi truck mud flaps. With more than 10 million products shipped during our 25 years in business, we are North America’s leading manufacturer of custom guards for semi-trucks and dump trucks.

A Culture of Quality

Uni-Vue uses the highest quality rubber and polyethylene (plastic) so that you can rest assured your mud flap is built for longevity. Unlike the competition, we produce everything in house thus ensuring the best prices and the shortest turn-around times. From conception to shipping, once you place your order, you will have your custom mud flaps in as little as three weeks. Our team can provide mock ups for your logo or help you create artwork unique to your brand. We offer:

  • Your full satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Flexible ordering so you can mix and match design and size
  • High-quality, American manufacturing
  • Tough, durable materials that last up to five years

The Advantages of Custom Mud Flaps

custom semi truck mud flapsCustom semi truck mud flaps turn your vehicle or fleet into moving billboards. With your logo or company name emblazoned on mud flaps, you can reach a wider audience of other passengers on the road and develop nationwide recognition.

Beyond the marketing potential for your business, mud flaps are required by law for semi trucks and dump trucks. They provide a protective barrier that keeps your vehicle safe from the corrosive wear and tear of the road and protects other cars and pedestrians from any debris your vehicle may kick up.

At Uni Vue Mud Flaps, we know how important mud flaps are for your fleet of semi-trucks and trailers. A quality, custom mud flap is not an accessory, it’s a necessity for vehicles out making long hauls. With more than 25 years of experience and 10 million products shipped, we are the nation’s leading experts on all things mud flaps.

The Additional Benefits of Custom Mud Flaps

While many people think that mud flaps are a vanity accessory, the truth is, custom semi truck mud flaps are the law in many states. These useful strips of either high quality plastic or rubber serve as an additional barrier between your truck’s tire and the wheel well. This added protection deflects harmful debris such as gravel and mud from damaging your vehicle as well as the vehicles behind you on the road.

Beyond the safety implications, when you outfit your vehicle or fleet with custom mud flaps emblazoned with your logo, you are turning your truck into a moving advertisement for your business. A custom order is also uniquely tailored to your specific vehicle ensuring the right fit, color scheme and material.

Quick Turnaround Time

When it comes to turn around time, we’ve got the competition beat. When you place your order, you can expect the process, from design to shipping, to take three weeks. Send us your logo and we are happy to mock it up. No design? No problem! Our graphic designers can take your concept and create artwork for you. When you order with us, you can expect:

  • High quality materials
  • Home-grown American manufacturing
  • Order flexibility that allows you to mix and match sizes and designs
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

Affordable Advertising

If you own a commercial fleet of vehicles, whether they be tractor-trailers, dump trucks, recreational vehicles for rent, etc., they represent a significant investment. As a savvy business owner, you want to protect that investment by keeping your commercial vehicles presentable and in good repair for as long as possible. Custom truck splash guards that bear your brand name are not only an affordable way to advertise your business far and wide. but they also help to prevent costly damage to the bodies of your commercial vehicles.

Protection Under Various Conditions

The body of a vehicle is susceptible to many different types of damage. Some happen suddenly, such as dents and scratches, while others develop over time. There are many materials present on roadways with the potential to cause distress to a vehicle’s body. Truck mud flaps with company logo can help to reduce the threat.

When water comes in contact with certain metals, a chemical reaction can occur that causes the metal to become oxidized. This oxidization is also known as rust, but whatever term you use, it can slowly eat away at the body of your vehicle. Not only does this pose potential safety hazards, but it also creates an eyesore. If the body of your commercial vehicle is rusty, it reflects badly on your business. It may appear to potential customers that you do not care about vehicle maintenance or take pride in the work that you do.

Splash Guards and Mud Guards?

As implied by alternative names like “splash guard,” “mud guard,” and “mud skins,” mud flaps help to cut down on the exposure to water that each of your vehicles must endure. However, they also protect your vehicles when the weather is dry and there is no water on the road.

Even paved roads are covered with small rocks and fine sand. The vehicles’ tires can pick up these small pieces of debris and fling them up onto the vehicle’s body. At first, the effect may not be noticeable or even visible to the naked eye. However, a constant onslaught can cause existing damage to gradually become greater and more apparent. The paint finish can become chipped, and that can allow water to come in contact with the vehicle’s body, at which point rust is more likely to develop.

Mud flaps serve as a barrier between the vehicle body and the road debris kicked up from the tires. They help to deflect the water, mud, rocks, and sand away from the vehicle’s body to prevent the damage that could otherwise result.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation of your mud flaps is vital. Otherwise, they may not provide adequate protection to your vehicle. Installing mud flaps typically involves drilling holes in the vehicle body. Therefore, it is important to level and test the mud flaps first to ensure that they fit properly and are neither too low or too high off the ground. Be sure that you take your time during the process so that when you do drill the holes, they are in an appropriate position.

Once you have your mud flaps installed, you cannot just forget about them. Remember that they will constantly come in contact with dirty water, mud, tar, and whatever other substances may be present on the road. Mud flaps that are heavily burdened with muck may not provide adequate protection. The grunge could also make your business name and logo illegible, which would defeat the purpose of having custom truck splash guards.

To clean your mud flaps, use a brush with soft bristles and a long handle. Check the cleaning product to be sure that it is safe to use on the material the flaps are made out of. Make a habit of cleaning your mud flaps once every two weeks.

For over 25 years, Uni-Vue Inc. has been serving the United States and Canada. Find out how to create your own traveling billboards by contacting us today.

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