Custom Rubber Mud Flaps for Trucks / Make Your Own Mud Flaps

Advertising is an effective way of connecting with potential customers. There are many traditional ways to get your brand message out there, from billboards to digital marketing. For transportation companies, one of the most attention-grabbing ways to advertise is with custom rubber mud flaps for trucks. Our high-quality and attractive mud flaps are impossible to ignore, especially when they feature bold colors and cool corporate logos.

Custom rubber mud flaps for trucks

Make Your Own Mud Flaps

All of our mud flaps have the signature durability, strength and flexibility that we’re famous for. With versatile customization options, you have total control when it comes to designing a style that looks incredible. Here are a few ways to customize:

1. Select the Ideal Material

The best material for mud flaps depends on the places your vehicles typically operate. For construction sites and other areas where trucks face lots of debris, we recommend thick rubber mud flaps for excellent longevity and performance. If you’re looking for a bright white background for your logo, go with polyethylene plastic instead.

2. Customize Your Message

The next step is to decide what you want potential customers to remember when they see your message. A great design can be simple — just an awesome company logo or a cool image. You can also opt for several elements that make it easy for people to contact you, such as phone numbers, website addresses, slogans or bullet points for your services.

Personalize the Design

We provide many options for you to make your own mud flaps. We can create custom rubber mud flaps for trucks incorporating any design, from simple text to detailed images. If you want us to include your company logo, for example, all you need to do is provide us with the file and we can take care of the rest. We can also create something amazing from scratch if you prefer. Our team of expert graphic designers is always on hand to deliver stunning results.

3. Choose From Custom Sizes

With a huge range of stock sizes available, such as 24″x24″ models for dual-wheel trucks, 18″x24″ for pickup trucks and 24″x36″ for semis, finding the right size is pretty easy. However, we take things a step further by providing custom options when you want to make your own mud flaps. If you need or want a unique mud flap shape, our high-tech equipment can make it happen.

4. Pick an Attention-Grabbing Color

With a huge amount of color options, making sure your logo stands out on the road isn’t a problem. Whether you’re looking for a bold hue that grabs attention or prefer to use your company colors, we can adapt to your needs.

Once your design is ready to go for production, we use state-of-the-art hot stamping technology to affix it to the mud flaps. This method is much better than traditional printing, and it keeps your logo looking amazing even after years of use.

Excellent Business Possibilities With Custom Mud Flaps

Custom mud flaps for trucks, cars, SUVs and semi-trucks are a powerful tool for businesses. There are several ways to use them:

  • Protective gear for your entire fleet
  • Branding solution for construction companies
  • Unique gifts for adventure-loving friends
  • Promotional material for customers

We allow business owners to meet our minimum 50-piece order using custom sizes. That means that you can outfit your semi-trucks, delivery vehicles, company cars and heavy machinery with the same iconic mud flaps. Our high-quality products boost your business reputation by reflecting well on your brand. They make a great first impression and attract new customers every time one of your trucks heads out on the road.

Get Started With Your Personalized Mud Flaps Right Away!

At Uni-Vue Inc., it’s easy to make your own mud flaps. If you have a good idea of what you want, get started by uploading your image file. If you’re not quite sure what to choose, or you need assistance, contact our friendly design team at (248) 250-9099 right away!

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