Grab the Attention of Other Drivers with Custom Mud Guards

Mud flaps with a logo do more than protect your vehicle, they can also spread the word about your business to people who might not otherwise see it. Uni-Vue custom mud guards are designed to keep your insignia vibrant and visible regardless of how much wear the mud flaps have undergone.

Company logo mud flaps are a cost-effective means of advertising your company. The following are some specific ways you stand to benefit from installing them.

Take Your Message Far and Wide

custom mud guards

Looking to branch out and grow your business? Trucking routes stretch across the country from end to end, and logo mud flaps can carry your brand to far-flung places you might never be able to reach otherwise.

Be Seen by Many Potential Clients

Think about how many other vehicles your semi truck will pass on the road in a single day. Now think about how many vehicles the truck will encounter over an entire trip. Each of those vehicles is driven by a person who will see your advertisement on your mud flaps and could be a potential client.

Take Advantage of Versatility

If you already have an existing brand logo for your business, you can customize your mud flaps to bear that insignia. However, you don’t have to confine yourself to just a brand logo for your custom mud guards. You have a range of options from the strictly utilitarian to the purely aesthetic:

  • Contact information
  • Artwork for art’s sake
  • Advertising catchphrase
  • Touch of humor
  • Company messaging
  • Contact information

Be Remembered

With custom mud guards, you have the opportunity to make a strong statement that will stand out in the minds of potential customers or clients; one which they will remember long after your vehicle has moved on.

Keep Your Logo Visible and Secure

Uni-Vue applies your logo, design, or message directly into the surface of the mud flap with heat stamping, meaning it will never fall off , peel or wear away. Contact us at 248-250-9099 to learn more.

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