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Ramp up your advertising strategy with custom mud flaps. Whether your company has a few vehicles or an entire fleet of trucks and equipment, discover how you can benefit from custom mud guards for free advertising. Promote your business while protecting your vehicle from mud spray with custom mud guards from Uni-Vue.

Durable Materials

When you invest in mud flaps, you need leading materials and build quality. Pick up the latest mud flap designs that use polyethylene or high-quality plastic to create a durable, ductile flap for your vehicles. Leading mud flaps are not only durable, but they’re also eco-friendly. Select mud flaps that are built in America to support local jobs.

Comprehensive Color and Design Options

Order custom mud flaps to discover how you can tailor products to fit your branding strategy. From a simple logo to a complex design with a unique background color, select all the features you need to make your unique mud flaps stand out on the road or on the job site. Here are just a few of the options you have when you order customized mud guards:

  • Material
  • Color
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Quantity
  • Logo

Create a memorable mud guard that fits your exact vehicle or the complete line of company trucks to promote your business wherever you go. Consider investing in mud flaps that use hot stamping to create a durable design that won’t fade when exposed to a little mud, road salt and moisture.

Thicker mud flaps come with anti-sail and anti-spray grooves. These vertical grooves are perfect for heavy machinery that typically sprays water, mud and gravel as it plows through project sites. Choose durable rubber mud flaps for your dump trucks to protect other drivers and promote your brand.

Bulk Orders Available

Work with a custom mud guard printer who is able to offer quick turnaround times. Spending additional days and weeks waiting for your mud guards can mean less advertising potential as you grow your business.

Look for low lead times as you find the best mud flap provider. If you choose Uni-Vue for your custom mud flaps, you can receive your final product in three weeks or less. This prompt turnaround time helps you leverage your investment and spread the word about our company.

These low lead times are still available with bulk orders. Ask about ordering sizes and lead time expectations. When you choose a one-stop-shop custom mud flap provider, you can enjoy lower costs and reduced downtime as you wait for your new mud flaps with free advertising.

Excellent Advertising Opportunities

Spread the word about your company wherever you drive. Whether you’ve just launched a new construction company or you’re looking for a great way to expand your customer base as you grow your business, custom mud guards are a great investment that combines practical protection and long-lasting advertising.

When you invest in quality mud guards, you can expect up to five years of clear, vibrant advertising. Choose a company that uses hot stamping instead of silk printing to ensure your company name and logo last for years to come.

Carefully consider the color and logo of your new mud guards. While your company name may improve brand recognition, an easy-to-identify logo along with your name can help tie in your particular services and brand style. Connect your mud flaps with your social media marketing and other strategies to help your customers remember your name and logo.

Order Your Mud Flaps Today

Find out why Uni-Vue is a leader in custom mud flaps with free advertising. If you’re ready to spread the word about your company and increase brand recognition, contact us today. Enjoy high-quality mud protection with vibrant advertising on all your trucks, vans and heavy equipment.

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