Custom Mud Flaps for Big Rigs, RVs and Motorhomes

Motorhomes with custom mudflaps

A Great RV Upgrade – Mud Flaps

As summer draws nearer, it’s time to bring your motorhome out of storage. Chances are good that you have some to-dos on your list from last year. It only takes one rock flying up and denting the hood of your towed vehicle, or cracking a windshield, before you decide it’s time to install mud flaps. Here at Uni-Vue Inc., we’re ready to help you find those custom trailer mud flaps that are perfect for your motorhome.

Do You Really Need Mud Flaps?

Many people question if they even need mud flaps. There are a few reasons that might compel you to add mud flaps to your RV.

RV with custom mudflaps

The first reason, and the most compelling, is that the law might require it. Depending on the state (or states) you are traveling through, many have laws on the books that require mud flaps on any type of RV or motorhome.

The second reason is if you bring a tow car with you when vacationing. Without mud flaps, your tow car is a magnet for every rock and chunk of garbage your RV tires run over.

A third reason is for other drivers on the road. Just as your mud flaps protect your tow car, it will also protect other people’s vehicles.

Why Buy Custom RV Mud Flaps?

If you decide you need mud flaps for your RV what kind should you get? Of course, you could buy boring, plain, ordinary mud flaps, but where’s the fun in that? You picked an RV because you wanted to vacation in style. You probably even named it, because you wanted it to stand out. Custom RV mud flaps are another great way to make your vehicle noticeable. If you run a small business, you could put your logo on the mud flaps to promote your company. If you are into a not-for-profit organization, you could add their website to your mud flaps and increase the visibility of your cause. If you like to goof around, you could put a funny cartoon or slogan to make your fellow travelers laugh. There’s no shortage of ideas you can use on your custom motorhome mud flaps.

What Options Are There for Custom Mud Flaps?

Now that you’ve decided to customize your mud flaps, what next? There are few limitations. Uni-Vue supplies a wide array of configurations that can provide solutions for RVs and even providing custom mud flaps for big rigs. Here are the main configuration options you have available to you.

  • Mud flap material and color – Rubber mud flaps only come in black, but polyethylene (plastic) can be white or custom ordered in other colors.
  • Logo – If you already have a logo, you can send it to us and we’ll mock it up for you to preview before ordering. If you don’t have a logo, you can contact our design team who will put something together for you.
  • Logo colors – We can do your custom logo in whatever color you choose. Currently, we have 22 different colors available.
  • Mud flap thickness – Both rubber and plastic mud flaps can be one-quarter inch or three-eighths inches thick. Plastic mud flaps are also available in three-sixteenths of an inch thickness.
  • Mud flap size – Standard mud flaps come in five different sizes ranging from 18” x 24” to 24” x 36”. However, we can produce custom plastic mud flaps up to 55” wide. For custom sizes, just reach out and contact us.

Contact Us Today to Order

Before the busy vacation season begins, reach out to Uni-Vue Inc. We can help you design the perfect mud flap for your RV so you can travel in style. To reach us, either call at (248) 250-9099, or use our web form.

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