Truck Mud Flaps With Company Logo / Custom Logo Mud Flaps

Truck mud flaps with company logoIn some states you are required by law to have mud flaps installed on each of your large commercial vehicles. Whether you are in one of those states or not and you are interested in mud flaps (also referred to as “splash guards” or “mud guards”), you may be the type that can recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. In other words, you can see the potential of truck mud flaps with your company logo to increase your brand awareness by carrying your organization’s name to areas of the country where people may not hear about it otherwise. Perhaps you also understand that custom logo mud flaps offer an excellent return on the investment of your advertising dollars because the upfront price is minimal and the ongoing costs are nonexistent.

Nevertheless, while you may be aware of the reasons why custom mud flaps or truck mud flaps with your company logo may be of benefit to your business, you may not know what specifically is involved in the ordering process. This article will attempt to break down the process for you by the numbers.

Truck Mud Flaps With Company Logo 24/7

That is the timetable by which your custom logo mud flaps work to advertise your business. In that respect, they are like billboards, but even more effective because, while a billboard only stands in one place, trucks with custom mud flaps are mobile, spreading your message to the farthest-flung reaches of the country.

Five Standard Sizes of Custom Logo Mud Flaps

There are typically five standard sizes in which you can order mud flaps. The following dimensions are expressed in inches:

  • 18 by 24
  • 24 by 18
  • 24 by 24
  • 24 by 30
  • 24 by 36

However, you need not feel limited or restricted by those standard sizes. If you require a custom mud flap size, you can place a special order and have them manufactured according to your specifications.

50 Pieces

This is the minimum quantity of your custom mud flap order.

Two Types of Material

Custom logo mud flaps can be ordered in two types of materials: plastic (polyethylene) and rubber. Each is extremely durable and offers its own degree of versatility.
Rubber and plastic mud flaps are each available in different thicknesses. Plastic mud flaps range from 3/16″ to 3/8″, while rubber mud flaps are available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ thicknesses.


That’s the number of options you have in choosing a color in which to print your logo or design. You can choose any color that is contained in the library. Additionally, if you choose to purchase polyethylene mud flaps, you have a range of specific color options as well. However, standard black is the only color available for rubber mud flaps.

48 Business Hours

That is the maximum amount of time it will take to mock up your truck mud flaps with company logo or custom logo mud flaps and email you to let you know how they look. You can submit an existing design, or if you don’t already have one, in-house graphic designers can help you create one that will leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Three-Week Turnaround Time

The maximum you will have to wait for your mud flap order to arrive is 3 weeks. In-house manufacturing on American soil ensures that there will be no delays in the manufacturing process due to outsourced companies or other third parties. Using products originating in the United States makes it easy to keep the necessary materials in stock at all times.

100% Refund

You are guaranteed to receive this if you’re disappointed with your order at any point of the process, whether it be the production or the initial design. Your refund even includes shipping costs.

With your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, you have nothing to lose by starting the process of ordering custom truck mud flaps with company logo for your fleet from Uni-Vue, Inc. You can start by sending us your design or logo directly through our website. Or, if you haven’t quite reached that point yet, you can call us at 248-250-9099 and one of our representatives can help you with the initial steps of the process.

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