Enjoy the Benefits of Custom Logo Mud Flaps for Brand Recognition

High-quality custom logo mud flaps offer benefits that go beyond simple legal compliance. They protect your fleet by keeping corrosive road chemicals from building up on truck structures. The biggest reason to let your company colors fly has to do with brand recognition. More advertising, day and night across the country, is always a good thing.

Put Our Custom Design Ideas to Work for Your Business

At Uni-Vue, we take your brand seriously. That means giving you maximum exposure with professional designs. Here are a few options for standing out from every other vehicle on the road:

  • Distinctive brand logo
  • Company messaging or advertising catchphrase
  • Contact information
  • A touch of humor
  • Awesome artwork

The idea is to grab the attention of other drivers and passerby while also delivering your message. You never know which potential client or industry powerhouse is driving in the lane behind your trucks. We use heat stamping to ensure that your logo or message looks amazing even after tons of trips.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Custom Logo Mud Flaps

custom logo mud flaps

Who designs the logo?

We’re happy to create a powerful logo for you, or we can work with your existing logo. We coordinate with you for approval to make sure everything looks perfect before creating your order.

How long does it take to get the order?

We can have everything at your business in as little as three weeks. That includes approval communications, production and shipping. That way your fleet can be on the road in no time.

Is it possible to order different sizes in the same shipment?

Definitely. We understand that you want your entire fleet to share the same awesome look. Varying sizes are no problem. We also keep your logo saved on our systems for even easier repeat orders.

Make Your Brand Message Shine 24/7

To preserve the incredible appearance of your logo or brand message, choose our industry pros at Uni-Vue. Our high-quality materials, manufacturing processes and exceptional quality assurance guarantee your custom logo mud flaps are durable and trustworthy. Contact us right away at (248) 250-9099 or fill out our online form for more information. We’ve got your back 100 percent.


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