Common Questions About Custom Mud Flaps

common questions about custom mud flaps

Unie-Vue, Inc makes custom mud flaps for semi-trucks, trailers, and more! View a list of the most common questions about custom mud flaps below!

Why would I want a custom mud flap?

Custom mud flaps have more advantages than we can list! The biggest one is brand recognition. As a business owner, it’s extremely important to get your name out there, grow your clientele and become a part of your community. Custom mud flaps for your entire fleet can offer you this advertising 24/7 when you’re out on the road.

Is there a minimum order required?

Yes! We do require a minimum order of at least 50 pieces before we will begin manufacturing your custom mud flaps.

What’s the time frame for getting our order shipped?

We’re proud of our fast turnaround and lead times. We can have your entire shipment to you within three weeks! That’s much quicker than our competition offers.

Are Mud Flaps Safe?

Of course! It’s safer to have mud flaps, than to not. It’s actually a law in the United States that all dump or semi-trucks are required to have mud flaps. Mud flaps protect other drivers from blown out tires and other debris that can travel around while driving.

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