The Benefits of Mud Flaps for Trucks and Trailers

custom mud guards

Mud flaps or guards are fairly common on large vehicles for many reasons. While custom mud flaps can personalize a vehicle according to the owner’s preferences, there are actually several other benefits to installing them. It can be helpful to understand how important these guards are and why they’re so much more than just decorations. Here are some of the top benefits of truck mud flaps.


Mud flaps for trucks and trailersThe primary purpose of mud guards is to protect the vehicles on the road from mud, rocks, water, and other hazards. Hanging the flaps behind a vehicle’s rear tires can prevent the wheels from kicking up debris that could fly into other cars on the road and cause damage or unsafe conditions. Truck mud flaps can also help prevent the undercarriage of the rig itself from damage. Additionally, the durable materials mud flaps are made of can help protect both the tractor and the trailer from corrosive elements, such as ice-melting chemicals and salt.


Personalized mud flaps can also serve as excellent areas for advertising. Adding a logo, brand name, contact number, or slogan to a guard can help it stand out and catch the attention of other drivers and passengers on the road. Mud guards have the potential to reach an extremely large target audience every day, so the marketing value alone can often more than cover the cost of a custom design.


Because mud flaps can protect from corrosives and damaging road debris, they can help the mechanical parts of trucks and trailers last longer. The hangers used to install the guards have to undergo several tests for security and safety, so drivers don’t have to worry about the flaps detaching. These brackets are usually made from spring steel and can be adjusted to fit applications of different sizes.

Choice of Materials

Generally, there are two types of truck mud flaps: rubber and sheet metal. Both types can protect the rig and other vehicles from debris, though shiny aluminum or stainless steel flaps are sometimes considered more decorative. Heavy-duty rubber composite flaps are extremely durable and weather resistant, and the balance of flexibility and rigidity can effectively repel rocks and gravel.

Legal Requirements

Because large rigs, such as tractor-trailers, can occupy a significant percentage of road space and are potentially dangerous to smaller vehicles, many states have specific laws that govern how these vehicles must operate. The majority of states have certain requirements related to mud flaps. For example, Arizona has rule that governs both the usage and installation of mud flaps. Some state regulations specify that guards should protect from gravel or water or a combination of several types of debris. Although there are not currently any federal regulations for mud guards, it’s usually a good idea for large-vehicle operators to install safe, high-quality flaps that meet state requirements.

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